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RoboPets provide comfort and joy for MHA Care Home residents living with dementia

Methodist Homes (MHA) is the largest charity care provider for older people in the UK, supporting 19,600 residents and members. They offer the highest quality care, accommodation and support services providing specialist and high quality nursing and dementia care.

Following a successful trial, MHA reached out to RoboPets after witnessing the huge impact on people living with dementia, bringing moments of calm and companionship.

Thanks to fundraising efforts and generous donations they were able to fund a robotic interactive companion pet in all their 160 care homes and retirement living schemes.

David Moore, Dementia Lead, MHA, said:

"I was absolutely blown away by the response from the residents. Some were quite quiet and withdrawn, and this almost brought them back. It was quite emotional to see the change in that person. There was one lady who didn’t really talk because of her dementia, but then she started to talk to the dog"

The Manager at Berwick Grange Nursing & Dementia Care Home

“David Moore, our dementia lead, brought a very special visitor Robo Cat – now known as ‘Fluffy’. He introduced Fluffy to one of the residents who tends to be quite private and prefers to spend time on her own and there was an instant friendship. All day the resident received lots of extra visitors as staff came to see Fluffy and spend some time with the resident – who later said she felt like a Queen for a day. The friendship continues and the companionship that is gained from having a friend like this is immeasurabl

Carers at Hartcliffe Nursing Care Home thanked the MHA team for the new robotic dogs and cats. They noted:

"The residents really appreciate them. One of the residents was close to tears as the cat reminded him of his old cat ‘Molly’ and prompted some great reminiscence from him. Normally he does not speak very much, but he was telling the staff stories of Molly."

RoboPets have numerous benefits to older adults including:

  • Eases Loneliness and Social Isolation

  • Boosts Cognitive activity

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Easy to look after and maintain

  • Aids interaction with others

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