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Recent Visits to Care Homes in Devon and Cornwall - Including a visit from the Mayor!  


We are a family run business


Reviews of our product run into the thousands, with so many people praising this great product.


Our Robotic Companion Pets are hugely beneficial for people living with Dementia; people with Parkinson's, Children with Special Needs, the Elderly, and anybody suffering from Mental Health issues.  


Witnessing first-hand the powerful effects the robot companions have on people living with Dementia, it has been our mission to inform and demonstrate how they could greatly increase positive outcomes within NHS Dementia wards and Care Homes, as well as for personal use at home.  We have witnessed patients in NHS Dementia wards who had previously been anxious, frightened, and who tended to wander, suddenly calm down, and start to interact with their new companion. The pressure taken off staff was immediate and made them feel good too.

We are proud to be an Official Supplier to the NHS - and our Companion Pets are now being enjoyed on Dementia Wards (we offer discounted rates for the NHS, Care Homes and Organisations not shown on our website - please contact us for further details)

We also supply Care Homes, Local Authorities, Dementia Groups/Cafe's - and are proud to now have supplied our robotic companion pets to organisations within the UK, Ireland, Scottish Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and all across Europe.


Much love ... Deborah x

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