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Meet the RoboPets Family Team!

With Mother's Day around the corner we felt it very fitting to introduce you to the team!

RoboPets is a family owned and ran business based in Plymouth, with 3 generations of Robo-women who are deeply involved in the community.

Witnessing first-hand the powerful effects the Robotic Companion Pets have on people living with Dementia and those who are suffering with loneliness, it has been their mission to inform and demonstrate how they could greatly increase positive outcomes within NHS Dementia wards, Care Homes, as well as for personal use at home.


Director of AlzStoreUK & RoboPets

Deborah RoboPets Joy For All
Deborah - At Memory Matters cafe

Deborah started AlzStoreUK in 2018 to help provide a number of products to assist those with dementia and Alzheimers and designed numerous products including digital memory boxes. When she was introduced to Robotic Companion Pets she instantly recognised the incredible benefits of RoboPets for the older population and those with dementia and experiencing loneliness. She made it her aim to bring these amazing products across from the USA and make them accessible for those in the UK and EU. In 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, her daughter Kerrie offered her assistance and experience to help create a brand new company focusing on supplying and getting the word out of Robotic Companion Pets, and RoboPets was born! Deborah often asks her mother, Nanny Jean to help test out new products.

"I love talking to our customers and hearing the amazing and heartfelt stories. Every day is a blessing to be able to bring joy and companionship to so many people. Prior to the pandemic I would regularly visit care homes and NHS Units, and saw how much the pets were loved, and what they can do for people."


Business Development

Kerrie and Deborah

When Kerrie came on board in late 2020 she was furloughed and offered her experience in design and marketing to build the RoboPets you know and love today. She made it her mission to make RoboPets a welcoming and warm place filled with community spirit. With the idea in hand, Kerrie built the website from the ground up, and manages the shop and social media. She works closely with her mother Deborah, to continue to grow RoboPets to help as many people as possible across the globe.

"I enjoy spending time researching for new Robotic Pet products to add to the RoboPets website, and I would love to hear if there is anything you would like to see! When offering to help create RoboPets back in 2020, I never imagined how wonderful it would be to work alongside my mother everyday to build something together that is providing so much joy and comfort to other people."

Nanny Jean

The Matriarch

Nanny Jean - AKA Queen Bee

Nanny Jean is the most experienced member of the RoboPets team and rules the roost. She loves to try out new products and probably holds the world record for the most Robotic Pets owned! She finds so much joy from the pets, and has been known to make up funny situations such as putting strange clothes on them, or turning them all on so they meow and bark at each other, which leaves her hysterical.

Kerrie, Nanny Jean and Deborah

Much love, the RoboPets team,

Deborah, Kerrie and Nanny Jean

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What wonderful news to hear that your Aunt loves her golden puppy. They really do bring joy in to people's lives.

Much love to you and your Aunt, take care.

Deborah @ Kerrie @ Robopets


I have received my cat today and i am really happy it is bring joy to me already as i suffer from depression and anxiety i have called him Morse. thank you so very much.


We are so pleased to hear that you love your new companion cat, and it is bringing you so much joy.

We are so passionate about the robopets because we have seen first-hand what they can do for people.

Much love to you, take care.

Deborah & Kerrie @ Robopets


I brought the golden dog for my aunties 90th birthday. The dog is totally AMAZING it has made her life so happy. We have called him Boris and when you move the dog to do her personal care she asks where he is . Thank you you have made a lady very happy


Hi Lynne, Thank you so much for your lovely words, and we’re so happy to hear that your Auntie loves him!!

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