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Coming Soon - The Walker Squawker Birds

Robopets are proud to announce the launch of their newest Robopet - the Walker Squawker.

The Walker Squawker birds are all about ease-of-care and convenience, that pairs with technology, for the best possible experience for older adults living in senior communities, or living at home.

The Walker Squawker has been inspired by Miss Rita, a 93 year old, who found herself suddenly needing a mobility aid. She thought it would be great to have a companion who could go along with her for walks. The bird playfully helps to remind their owners not to forget their walker.

With a lifelike coat, and authentic sounds, the bird makes a useful and playful addition to helping anyone who may use a walker. You can also place the bird anywhere, on your hand, on a table, etc.

The birds also respond to your voice with Chirpback Technology - pretty Amazing!!

Please contact us for further details ...

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